The Lion & The Hamster | Releasing 28th May 2017

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  • The Lion & The Hamster | Releasing 28th May 2017

Shoingey Liboh

Fiddler's Green presents Soinge liboh, a folk song talking about the lives and sufferings of the coal miners from Manbhum, a tribal district from West Bengal, India. The song is in the tribal Manbhumi dialect. It was written by Arun Chatterjee, an urban poet from the area. This version aims at creating a melange of West African and Bengali tribal music in an organic non-intellectual way.

Upcoming Gigs

26th February 2017: Live at Abar Baithak, Jodhpur Park with Arko Mukhaerjee Collective | 10:30 AM onwards

For enquiries: +91 9903301450 | arkomkz@gmail.com

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