Ghater Kotha

Ghater kotha is the debut solo album of Arko released in 2013.

Ghater Kotha is a humble effort to explore a few folk songs of Bengal through a contemporary as well as traditional mix of instruments as well as folk forms from around the world. It also brings out the influences of different cultures on the present day soundscape of our daily lives in Calcutta and attempts to depict the surreal lunacy of the great river Ganges flowing through it, telling stories of the city’s people.

ghater kotha album cover


01Duarey Aishase

02Amay Dubaili Re


04Loke Bole

05Hori Dukho Dao Je Jonare

06City of Lunatics (recitation) – Porer Zagah Porer Zomeen


  • Satyaki Banerjee - Dotara, Oud and Rabab
  • Diptanshu Roy - Mandolin
  • Anna Tanvir - Harp (Krishnokoli)
  • Ritoban Das - Dubki
  • Samrat Mukherjee – Accordion (Keyboard)
  • Rajkumar Sengupta - Programming and Guitars
  • Neel Dutt – Nylon string guitar (City of Lunatics)

Recorded by Ronny Sinha at DB Junction, Kolkata

Mixed and mastered by Nitin Joshi (Pune)

Album artwork : Shamik Chatterjee

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